About us


Art can be looked at, but can it be acquired as easily?
The space of the gallery, the approachability of the artist, the valuation of the piece, and many other factors can inhibit art lovers and hamper the desire and the act of buying. ATELIER SOONE makes buying a piece of art a simple,
instantaneous and jubilatory act. Defying labels, the ATELIER SOONE collective seeks to break free from the restrictive codes of the art world. ATELIER SOONE claims its total freedom and innovative nature. Those are the keywords the founders consider as the cornerstones of this ambitious project.

A Word from the Founder:
“The only guiding line in the ATELIER SOONE project is to provide people with an opportunity to see beautiful, quality, surprising, and even subversive pieces of art. We reject definition because the products we offer to the public tickle two fundamentally opposed principles, Eros and Thanatos, between muscle and sweetness, aggression and caress. We do not to corner ourselves in a pre-established artistic sensibility. We will remain free in our choices in order not to find ourselves confined in an artistic niche. ATELIER SOONE intends to make accessible what is rare. Therefore we will offer accessible lines alongside exclusive and limited series of specific objects.”

For ATELIER SOONE, the purchase of a piece of art must be an orgasmic act and the satisfaction of owning a unique object is directly linked to pleasure of taking part in a peculiar creative process that underlines the value, the scarcity, and the exclusive nature of the finished project. The object received by the client will be based on the idea of art for art’s sake. As such, the item’s new owner will be able to unwrap his or her purchase like a spoiled child, enjoying every step in the unveiling of the coveted object.

Art for all. Art for Art lovers. For those who find themselves dumbstruck by art. For those who like beauty itself. Connected lifestyle lovers will be satisfied of course, as well as diehard contemporary art admirers, lovers of street art, decorative arts, as well as US and Japanese influenced Graffiti. Let ATLELIER SOONE help you connect to the object that will bring you pleasure, an inspired present, to give away or to yourself… ATELIERSOONE.COM as well as a number of worldwide dealers that will abide by ATERLIER SOONE’s specific steps and model will sell these unique creations. It goes without saying that different groups – private collectors, art and interior design lovers and professionals, lifestyle shops, high-end events organizers – will find constantly renewed inspiration from ATELIER SOONE, by discovering 55/313 objects on a monthly basis they then will be able to incorporate to their homes, shops, or their next project.
To all of those who are searching for the “shaking mind” touch to liven up their universe, ATELIER SOONE will offer a powerful answer, unusual and off the beaten track.
Atelier Soone is breaking the code in all ways possible, you like it or not, we don’t care.
We are 3 founders and friends: Julien Soone, Fabien L’Huilier-Mescoun and Boris
Julien Soone needs no introduction: graffiti artist from Toulouse since 1989. Globe trotter, cyclothymic of art, the Occitan samurai has always refused to muzzle his inspiration and takes part in a multiplicity of artistic projects, effortlessly moving from mural graffiti to canvas painting, from fashion to sculpture, from paint sprayer to paintbrush.

The creation of ATERLIER SOONE with the help of the 55/313 collective, which will be in charge of the business process, signals the beginning of a small revolution by making Art accessible to all, at the click of a mouse.

The creators of the e-shop intend to offer beautiful objects and bring novelty and awe to a demanding audience.