About orders

I cannot complete my purchase or pre-order, what should I do?

You can contact us by email for any of this topics ; contact@ateliersoone.com

It was too late to reserve on a limited series, how can I still hope to have a chance to get piece ?

Limited series unfortunately cannot be produced in more units! Contact us by leaving your details at contact@ateliersoone.com and we will first send you the possibility of making your reservation for the next piece, the next series which will be on the same thematic!!

I am noticing some “Bugs” using the website, what should I do?

Contact us by email contact@ateliersoone.com ASAP !! we will find the best solution!

I don’t want to shop online, can I do by other way?

Absolutely, you can send us an email with your contact details detailing the product you would like to acquire, our teams will be happy to assist you in your acquisition either by providing you the IBAN’s company, or by making a payment by phone with your Bank card..

I love what you do, can “Atelier Soone” make a unique piece on request, a tailor-made product?

We can offer you a tailor-made design study, unique piece, indeed, to do this you must contact us by email contact@ateliersoone.com. Project will be offered to you by our quotation.

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