General term’s sales, privacy policy and legal notices

For all information, and for your order’s follow-up, our customer service is at your disposal by email :

Each order made on our site entails a clear and unreserved acceptance of these general conditions of sale, for the user as buyer and for the company 55 313 ​​as seller.
PAYMENT ; To make your payment you can make it directly on our website, the payment is secure and made by our partner “Stripe” which guarantees a high level of security and control. Your payment is made using a “VISA” bank card “Mastercard” “AMEX” .

However, you can also request our services via to request a transfer, and in this case we will send you an IBAN, or by phone by providing your bank card numbers. To secure your order form, you must ensure that you have the necessary authorizations to use the payment method you have chosen.
The security of your banking data is guaranteed by the current international organization “STRIPE” recognized in the online payment sector. The payment is a payment of the total amount, it will therefore be due in full as soon as the order is placed and necessary for the validity of it.

The amounts received will therefore be total and direct payments for your order, without any notion of down payments or other pre-payments. In case of incomplete payment, we will have the right not to make the delivery and will put your order on hold. Full ownership of the products for sale will remain with the seller as long as the price has not been paid in full. The transfer of ownership taking place on delivery of the product (s) ordered.

Regarding pre-orders, these are treated as standard orders and accepted as such by the buyer taking his position. Indeed, when you take a position yourself on a pre-order for a limited series product, you “de facto” agree to place a complete order but suspended on the sine-qua-none condition of reaching the necessary number of pre-orders. The seller reserves the right and possibility to cancel your pre-order, if the minimum total pre-order required is not reach. If the total of the required pre-orders is reached, then all of those pre-orders will be qualified as full and validate orders, and the products can then be delivered within the required delays to all buyers who have pre-ordered.

All shipping costs has to be considered in addition to the selling price of the products offered for sale on the site . The items will be delivered to the address you have indicated on the order form.
Seller, the company sas 55 313, ​​negotiates with several carriers the best possible conditions for the most secure delivery of your items. Delivery times may vary depending on the items chosen, and will be communicated on your order form with the appropriate reservations. according to the required deadlines, particularly in the context of pre-orders when reaching the required number.
Orders for stored products may vary from two to 6 days except in exceptional cases and within the limits of available stocks.
You will need to contact our service and to notify any delay by the carrier in the delivery of your item.
In the event of loss of the goods by the carrier, we will be able, after examination and investigation with transport partner, and provided that the fault is clearly attributed to the carrier, proceed to your refund within 15 days from the date of the agreement of the assumption of responsibility by the transport insurances.

You must carry out usual checks at reception. You need to check the general condition of the packaging and the product. If an item is not suitable (damaged package, empty package, number of items different from the number listed on the order form, broken products, etc.) you must first of all issue “handwritten reservations” and send us by registered letter with acknowledgment of receipt, within 3 working days, your complaint accompanied by reservations on the delivery note to the carrier and our company.
If you would have to return the items to us, you will submit a return request by regular mail to SAS 55 313, 55 avenue Louis Breguet / bat 9 31400 TOULOUSE, France. This request must be accompanied by the “report of spoliation” or a “statement of anomaly” obtained from the carrier, or the letter addressed to the carrier. We advise our customers to keep a duplicate of the delivery form. In the event of a recipient error, you are not the recipient of the delivery, we ask you to keep the package as is and inform us as soon as possible by writing to

An email request is waiting for possible product returns. Without prior agreement with the seller, the return will be considered abusive and not accepted, which is why we ask our customers to contact us by email in order to validate or not this return, at;
If the return is agreed, the item (s) will be taken back with a reduction price of at least 35% of the initial invoice value.

The prices shown are inclusive of VAT (All Taxes included).
These prices may be modified according to market factors whether on manufacturers side, distributors, agents, etc…
All product data, whether technical sheets, descriptions, visuals, are developed and presented in agreement with industrial and commercial partners, and cannot, in no way, be considered as contractual and the company reserves the absolute right to make them evolve, modify or delete them.
After-sales service; The articles must be maintained according to the recommendations present in the instructions and according to the articles, in the common sense of a use of presentation, decoration, embellishment. For more classic items with regular use and having utility functions, careful maintenance should be established. The company, the seller, cannot be held responsible for any degradation linked to improper maintenance and use.
WITHDRAWAL PERIOD ;The buyer via the website has the right of withdrawal within 14 days from the day after receipt of the item (s). The return of the item (s) is the sole responsibility of the buyer. For return procedures, go to the “product returns” section.

Orders placed in France and in the European community will be invoiced inclusive of VAT. Customs duties and other taxes for orders outside the above sector are not included VAT in the price, and are the subject of a different price study at the exclusive charge of the buyer if he requests so. SAS 55 313 ​​is not in charge of informing or settling these customs duties and various taxes unless expressly stipulated by the buyer’s agreement to pay 100% of the estimate issued in this regard.

The data entered by the buyer is reserved for the exclusive use of sas 55 313 ​​See “Privacy & Data Protection Policy” for more information.